Events and Festival

Poligiros, Cultural August

Dates : 1-30 August

Festival of traditional dancing and singing. Artists and bands’ concerts

Siviri, “Kassandra” Festival

Dates : July – August

During the summer, in the theatre of Siviri, many theatrical performances and concerts take place.

Fourka, Fair St Marina

Dates : 17 July

Religious-traditional fair. A celebration with traditional music takes place.

Sani, “Sani” Festival

Dates : July – August

The Sani Festival had its official beginning in 1993, intended as a bridge between tourism and the arts, forging links between local and foreign visitors, contributing to a richer cultural sector with more activity in the regions, and becoming a festival with its own distinctive character and identity.

Setting the highest standards of quality and innovation, the festival has introduced a range of programmes that have established themselves as regular events: Jazz on the Hill, Sounds of the World, concerts of Greek music, Sani Classic, dance performances and visual arts event.

tel: ++30 2310 317 327, 2310 312 320

N. Moudania, “Sea” Festival

Dates : July – August

The top cultural event of our Municipality is definitely the “SEA FESTIVAL”, monopolising the summer nights of locals and visitors, giving them the opportunity to enjoy high quality theatrical performances and be carried away by the magical music flooding the night. A 2000 people place, a hairbreadth from the sea. Lined eastwards by the Kassandra peninsula, the theatre faces the expanse of the Aegean Sea and enjoys westwards, a unique sunset with Mount Olympus in the background. The perfect setting for the “SEA FESTIVAL”

Afitos, Afitos of Athitos

Dates : July – August
It is about a ”circle” of events, which consists of abstract, street art, traditional dance and music bands, but classical and modern music groups too.

Vavdos, Traditional Fair of St. Ilias

Dates : 19-20 July

The fair takes place on an altitude of 1050m. After the church Mass is over the committee of “oikonomades” cooks in big caldrons goat with barley-shaped pasta, which is offered to the visitors along with some white wine. There is a folklore fair during the whole day with traditional music.

Vrastama, Traditional Fair of St. Anargyroi

Dates : 1η July

Offering of traditional food and wine to the visitors

Ormylia, Traditional Fair of St. Apostles

Dates : 28-30 June

Religious-traditional fair. Visitors receive the traditional “kourbani”. A celebration with traditional music takes place

Arnaia, Ten-Day cultural event in Arnaia

Dates : Last week of July

Appearance of traditional -folklore dance & music groups. The fair of St. Paraskevi is included, where food and wine is distributed for free.

N. Fokea, Byzantine Tower

Dates : July – August

Cultural events in the Palaiologos Tower. Painting exhibitions, hagiographies, concerts, theatre and dance groups.

Olinthos, Olive Fest

Dates : The last three days of July

The last day a concert takes place and the community offers tsipouro (kind of ouzo) and olive.

N. Moudania, Sprat Fest

Dates : 2nd week of July

Cultural events that last 6 days. It ends on Sunday with the Sardine fest, where grilled sardines and white wine are offered for free. The celebration lasts till early in the morning.

Poligirios, Carnival

Dates : Carnival period

Last Sunday of Carnival a parade takes place where carnival tanks from all over the prefecture participate. On Shrove Monday the fest moves on Kalyves beach where Lenten food and wine are offered for free.

Nikiti, Swimming passage of the Toronaios Gulf

Dates : Last week of July

It is about a swimming competition where the participants have to cover big distances. The participants are usually athletes from all around the world and they have to cross Toronaios Gulf starting from Kalithea, which is located in Peninsula of Kassandra and finish on Nikiti’s beach, which is located in the Peninsula of Sithonia.

Marathousa, Traditional Fair of Virgin Mary

Dates : 22-23/8

Orthodox cultural event in Marathousa village

Saint Mamas, Trade fair “Agios Mamas”

Dates : 1-5 Sep

Old fashion trade fair while at the same time various cultural events take place, such as the Symposium of Ag. Mamas (food with grilled sausages).